The Max-Xtender is a custom molded lightweight plastic device that has been designed and engineered to progressively enlarge and elongate any Penis to its maximum potential. Penis growth is based on the simple principle of positive tension. By safely and continiuously stretching  the various anatomical parts of the Penis with proper instructed use, increased length and thickness of the Penis is guaranteed!


This natural principle has been known and used through centuries by many different cultures in order to develop or extend various body parts.
The Max-Xtender can be used any time of the day for various intervals, depending on your personal schedule. The total amount of hours the Max-Xtender is worn, combined with the amount of traction, determines the result of the treatment.

It is not necessary to wear the Max-Xtender for a long uninterrupted period of time to obtain results. As an example, 2 hours daily treatment for 8 months, will give the same results as 4 hours daily for 4 months. You can also take a break for a period of time, without diminishing the final result. 
Taking time off from using the Max-Xtender, does not result in loosing part of the enlargement already gained, the results are permanent! The device may also be worn at night with lighter tension for those you whish to do so for faster results.


After some initial practice, the application of the Max-Xtender takes less than 30 seconds. Penis stretching is an efficient and safe way to enlarge your Penis, simply insert the Penis in the device, secure the head of the Penis and adjust the tension on the device to accommodate your level of comfort (see photo), wear the device day and night if desired.

The key to Penile Enlargement is gradual tension over an extended period of time! Most Max-Xtender users notice large increases in size within a week or two! You can expect Permanent Penile Growth of up to 2 inches or more in a period of 90 to 120 days depending on the frequency of use. Treatment with the Max-Xtender has no side effects and no influence on erection or fertility, in fact most Max-Xtender users report harder and more powerful erections shortly after beginning treatment!


In 1999 a number of 26 men ranging from ages 18 to 61 all with normal erect capability, began treatment with the Max-Xtender, each of them wore the device for 2 hours daily, following proper instructions for a period of 28 weeks. The average result of the Max-Xtender treatment was an increase, in Penile erect length of 1.4 inches and a corresponding flaccid average increase of 1.0 inches. 

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