Should I consult my Family Doctor Before I use the Max-Xtender?
No, you don't have to consult with a Doctor when using the Max-Xtender. It is totally safe and natural and it will not harm you in any way.

Does my Penis have to be over a certain length or thickness to use the Max-Xtender?
No, the Max-Xtender was designed with maximum precision to fit all men! It can safely and effectively enlarge and elongate the erectile tissue of your Penis. Used consistently, this device will also increase your sexual pleasure and as your body resists the constant tension of the Max-Xtender you will also build permanent girth!

Are there any side effects during the use of the Max-Xtender?
No, none what so ever, actually most of our clients within the first few days of use have noticed that the erections are much stronger and harder!

Does the result reduce or stop over time?
No, the results are ongoing and permanent and when this device is used consistently over time, the erectile tissues multiply and strengthen with each session. In fact Max-Xtender clients that have used this device for a long period of time, are amazed of the constant gains in length and girth their Penises are still obtaining!

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